Hobbit was recently invited to work alongside Pervasive Media Studio and YCAM’s (Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media) creative technologists and producers to explore RAM’s (Reactor for Awareness in Motion) capabilities of developing new techniques of choreographing movement through new technologies dealing with motion data. RAM focuses on creating and shaping dance movement with real-time digital feedback. RAM is a suite of tools designed specifically to capture dancers’ motion data, and to generate and operate a virtual environment that responds to movement to inspire and affect choreography.

We hope this is the start of a much longer process and collaboration between Acrobatic Adventures, Pervasive Media Studio and YCAM. The taster workshops offered an initial insight into how RAM might inform or assist the choreographic process or artistic practice but there is much more ground that could be covered: As well as a tool for artistic practice, the YCAM team have been researching how RAM could be applied to sports, by watching how the body moves and adjusting for best possible performance, and to rehabilitation, by encouraging forgotten movements and muscle redevelopment through visual feedback.